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Welcome to Eagle One LLC website.

Eagle One LLC is a bicycle frame repair shop located in Warrenton, Virginia, USA. We are a bike frame repair and paint shop. Providing  quality repairs to aluminum, steel, and titanium bike frames. With close to thirty years of experience your assured quality workmanship.

 We also do a wide range of bike modification and customizations.


Bike frame can fail from a number of reasons. The more common ones are accidents, or incorrect settings. The point being is that when you discover a problem, get it fixed. If not the problem will become more pronounced with time.  Don't wait till the end of the season.

Once you discover the failure use our contact form to start the repair process. We can then give you an estimate as to the cost and time. Whatever the cause, whatever the bike, Eagle One Frame Repair can fix it.

It may still need fixing.

Its just a dent, so I thought it was ok to continue riding." Dents lead to cracks, and cracks lead to failures. This is the most common type of repair we do. Once a tube is dented that point becomes the weaken, which will leas to a crack.

While a dent may not result in an immediate and outright crack in a piece of frame tubing it can seriously alter the load bearing ability of the metal and compromise the structural integrity of the material. Such damage can lead not only to a change in handling characteristics but in many cases invariably leads to a later, more catastrophic failure.

As anyone who has ridden a twisted frame can tell you, a bike that is out of alignment can be not only uncomfortable but dangerous as well. Eagle One uses the same state-of-the-art alignment tools for all of our frame repairs and straightening that are employed in the construction of  new bicycles.

Types of Repairs:

Dent removal.
Crack repair.
Tube replacement.
Disc Brake conversion.
Tube repair
Dropout replacement or conversion.
Frame alignment.

This is a brief description of the service ...

 Repairs to bike frames that are cracked, bent, or broken etc. The most common type of frame repair are cracks and bent frames. After the repair of the damage part, the frame is checked for alignment. Depending on the severity of the frame part, sometimes the entire bike will have to be dismantled. We are not a bike service center, we only do the frame repairs.   If you are shipping  a bike frame to us, it is to your benefit if you have your local bike shop dismantle the components. This will cut down the shipping cost considerable and I can not align the frame with the components' installed. Please see the shipping page for more info.


The Repair Processes:

  • Frame is inspected (no charge) for dents, defects, pitting, cracks etc. 
  • Frame is stripped of paint around the damages area only. Usually about 3 inches past the damage on both sides
  • Frame is placed on the alignment table to see how much damage has been done.
  • Large bends, broken tubes, tube creases, etc, are replace or repaired using various splicing methods using gas or TIG welding.
  • Frame is rechecked for alignment and shipped back to you.
  • The entire process can take about a 1 month, depending on the severity of the repair and type of tubing, and availability of parts.
All bicycle frames supplied to us for frame repair or refinishing should have all of the parts removed. We realize that not everyone has access to the professional shop tools that are often necessary to accomplish this, so we can do this for our standard shop fees. We would appreciate, however, your help in not burdening us with unnecessary parts that may be lost or damaged.

Unfortunately, most shop will tell you, it is generally not economical to repair a damaged  bike frame, and try to sell you a new bike. This is true for the low end made in china bikes. But your here because you have a bike that is no longer made, or you just plain like the ride and feel.
There is a point of no return when in fact its more economically feasible to purchase a new bike. With that in mind steel frame would fit into this category. But not the case for aluminum or titanium.

Although titanium is an incredibly strong and durable material, it is not completely infallible to failure. Over the course of two decades Eagle One has repaired virtually every brand of titanium frame on the market, from low-end mass-produced imports to high-end boutique brands manufactured domestically.

Of all modern frame building materials steel is considered the most classic for a reason: it has seen the longest and most consistent use in the bicycle industry. An unspoken axiom to this fact is that steel frames can last so long as to become an inseparable part of a cyclist's life. The beautiful part is that not only can a properly maintained steel frame be ridden for decades, it can also be easily repaired.

Of course there are also times when a competent frame builder is needed not to repair but to enhance a frame with additional features. From retrofitting older frames with disc brake tabs, horizontal dropouts and eccentric bottom brackets, to adding additional mounting points for racks and other accessories, to extending head tubes to accommodate the comfort of aging or injured riders, Eagle One Bike Frame Repair can help dial any off-the-shelf frame in to your exact specifications or modify an existing bike for new applications.

The most common question we receive is DO YOU HEAT TREAT AFTER THE REPAIR. Answer is no.

When a frame is TIG welded, the area around the weld is subjected to high temperatures. If the frame is left to cool by it's own, the aluminum/steel/titanium will return to its previous state. This is called normalizing.


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