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Repairing or modifying bike frames since the 60ies, supplying and repairing high quality bicycle frames and bicycles in the United States for over 30 years.

During that time I have supplied to you, the enthusiast and discerning cyclist, one of the best selections of custom frame repairs in the country.

Our goods and services, offered in this country with tradition, we continue to offer a wide selection of professional quality options on all of our frames and bicycles.

We are one of the leading suppliers of custom quality bicycle frame repair services in the Mid-Atlantic region. With a reputation for excellence of quality and over 30 years of experience, we can supply you with the finest products and services available anywhere in the world today. The following is a brief description of our shop services and their prices.

About the founder.

Mr. Zacek is a Graduate from Central Washington University and the University of Washington. He completed his Associate of Art, and Associate of Science and two Bachelors of Science in Industrial Manufacturing and Aerodynamics from Central Washington University. He received his Master's of Science degree in Metallurgy in the summer of 1984. Later in 2006 he received a PhD from the University of Virginia, in Material Science.

Mr. Zacek has been an Airline Captain for 24 years, FAA certified flight instructor, and aircraft and power plant technician. He has several type ratings in large aircraft and held a FAA special high performance authorization with a low level waiver.  Mr. Zacek has 20,000+ flying hours in 60+ types of aircraft from gliders to B747. He was a WWII air show performer in the T-6, and P-51 with some 500+ hour in both.

He's held six patents in the US, two of which were sold after being developed. It was at this time that started
Eagle One Research & Development L.L.C.

During his college years he raced and crewed on Hydroplanes in Seattle Washington. Were he started out in a
5 liter hydro in the Northwest circuit and finished 10 years later in the Unlimited Hydroplane national circuit,
crewing on the Miss Pringles.

Mr. Zacek is  a member of the EAA, American Society of Mechanical Engineering, National Association of Flight Instructors, He is also an appointed member of the Flight Safety Foundation's Corporate Advisory Committee
and the National Business Aviation Association's (NBAA) Safety Committee.


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