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With more than thirty years of welding, we have supplied top-quality workmanship to the commercial and residential industries. Much of the welding complies with stringent military or A.S.M.E. specification on materials such as aluminum, magnesium, inconel, stainless steels, tool steels, cast iron and other ferrous and nonferrous metals.


General welding and fabrication:


General repair of residential items such as motorcycle , automotive, marina, etc. Some items that we repair are: bell housing cracks, air conditioner condensers, cast iron blocks, boat parts, lawn furniture, housings of all types, and many other parts needing welding




Commercial Welding:

Commercial precision TIG welding on all ferrous and nonferrous metals up too several inches thick material. Our customers include the military, aircraft, medical, semiconductor and automotive industries. We can weld one part proto types or several thousand parts as well as fabricate frames and other structural items. We also offer soft and silver brazing services.

We also supply complete services in structural fabrication and machining of sub-assemblies and/or final assemblies.

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Wheel Chair Grips

Off Road Wheel Chair

Motor Mounts

Aluminum Beer Stand






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