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Disc Brake Conversions

Many bike owners want there ride converted to disc brake and want to know how much it would cost ? Because of the huge diversity in frames and brakes an exact dollar amount can not be given. But in general you can go cheap (200) or expensive (600+)for either steel or aluminum frames.  There are just to many variable involved in disc brake conversions.

Things to  consider in  a conversion:

Six-bolt Hub or Center Lock
Hub Size; 110mm  130mm  or industry standard 135mm
Frame Size; standard or custom
Engineering of the frame
Size of the rotor; 140mm  160mm  165mm  200mm
The wheel set; 20  24  26  700c etc.
Does your bike have disc brake tabs already
Cable routing
Hydraulic or mechanical
Hydraulic Bleeding Kits
How much do you want to spend
Bolt-on or welded

There are bolt on conversion available locally or thru the net. Just do a search for "bicycle disc brake conversions kits"

Disc brakes are far better than rim brakes in wet conditions and dusty conditions. The drawback is that your bike will look flashier, and if you don't bring it indoors with you or lock it up in a safe place, it may disappear when you leave it unattended.





Center Lock




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